Monday, February 11, 2008

Will War Return To Lebanon?

From Beirut To The Beltway:

In one of his most aggressive speeches since the civil war, Walid Jumblatt said March 14 will go to war against Hizbullah if that’s what the militia wants. “Our existence, dignity and Lebanon are more important than anything else. You want disorder, so be it.”, he said, addressing Hizbullah and the forces he said are trying to bring back Syrian hegemony. ”You want war, so be it. We have no problem with weapons, no problem with missiles. We will take your ready-to-use missiles. We have no problem with martyrdom and suicide.”

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From The Middle East Journal:

Just a few nights ago I said to some out of town friends that I thought another war, between Hezbollah and whichever adversary first decides to pick up the sword, is all but inevitable in Lebanon. I wish it weren't so, but it probably is. If the Israelis don't do it, someone in Lebanon will unless the Syrian and Iranian regimes are first brought to heel.

Right on schedule, Druze chief Walid Jumblatt throws down the gauntlet.
Abu Kais has the story, from articles he translated from Arabic:

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My Comment: Hizbullah has rearmed itself, and with internal problems growing in the countries of their sponsors (Syria and Iran) another war can only help to divert attention from their own problems.

So .... will there be another war?

All sides have rearmed, political disputes have not been solved, political leaders murdered, and resentment and bitterness are now open for all to see. I do not know if a war will break out, but all sides are clearly positioning themselves for war.

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