Friday, October 31, 2008

The Story Of A Canadian's Embrace Of Jihad

Terrorist suspect Momin Khawaja, an Ottawa computer software programmer, arrives at the Ottawa courthouse Monday May 3, 2004 under Royal Canadian Mounted Police protection. (CP PHOTO/Jonathan Hayward)

Descent Into Jihad -- The Ottawa Citizen

Momin Khawaja remained silent throughout his 41/2-year-long case, but dozens of e-mails he wrote prior to his arrest reveal how and why this quiet Canadian, with a nice family from a nice Ottawa suburb, dedicated his life to terrorism and destroying the West. Using Mr. Khawaja's own words and expressed thoughts, national security reporter Ian MacLeod reconstructs Mr. Khawaja's ... (Descent Into Jihad)

Momin Khawaja smiles and waves to his mother, Azra, from his glass cage in courtroom No. 37. Seeing her always makes him happy. Reciting the Koran makes him happy. The destruction of the United States and what he perceives as its Israeli masters would make him very happy.

There is little else to be happy about, suspended here over a bottomless pit of prison time, the strands of his defence unravelling, his dream of joining the frontlines of jihad and his life in ruins.

He'd taken precautions when he declared holy war on the West, yet the police and security services caught him within months. Branded a terrorist, an unholy criminal, people drive by his family's Orléans home screaming obscenities.

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My Comment: Speaking as a Canadian citizen .... this story disgusts me. Canada is probably the best country for anyone to live in. To have someone come to this country as a landed immigrant, accept becoming a citizen, getting the best that education can provide and then becoming employed at a very good job working for the federal Government while enjoying all the benefits that this country can offer .... and then plan for its destruction and mass murder .... I say to he courts show no mercy.

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