Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Misery Of Zimbabwe

A victim of the political repression in Zimbabwe (Photo from Times Online)

Land of Broken Trust -- Washington Post

Though Widespread Brutality Has Ebbed in Zimbabwe, Political Violence Simmers and Threatens to Reignite

ZAKA, Zimbabwe -- Perhaps, Kudakwashe Tsumele said, it is better that he cannot walk. If he could traverse the red dirt pathways surrounding his rural home, he might pass supporters of this troubled nation's ruling party. And then, he said, he "would want to kill."

Instead, Tsumele, 22, lies mutilated by burns and bedridden under a blue mosquito net, six months after armed thugs loyal to President Robert Mugabe set fire to the opposition party office where he was working as a campaign volunteer. If he could leave his brick shanty, his relatives said, he might face what they do: taunts from ruling party backers, promises of more blazes.

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My Comment: And the tragedy of Zimbabwe is that the conditions are getting worse. At its present trend, Zimbabwe will approach a Somalia "environment" within ten years. A broken and dysfunctional state.

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