Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Iraq War News Updates -- March 10, 2009

Mourners at a funeral on Sunday in the Sadr City neighborhood of Baghdad carried the coffin of a victim of a bomb attack. Kahtan al-Mesiary/Reuters

33 Dead In Suicide Attack On Iraq Tribal Leaders -- Yahoo News/AP

BAGHDAD – A suicide bomber struck tribal leaders touring a market in a Sunni area west of Baghdad on Tuesday, killing as many as 33 people in the second major attack in the capital area in two days.

The bombing was part of a spike of violence that comes as the U.S. military begins drawing down its forces.

The bomber detonated an explosives belt as the tribal leaders were walking through the market in the town of Abu Ghraib, accompanied by security officials and journalists, according to the Iraqi military.

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More News On Iraq

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Army Reserve Iraq Role to Continue Despite Afghanistan Mission - U.S. Department Of Defense
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