Wednesday, April 29, 2009

World News Briefs -- April 29, 2009

A woman and her son wear protective masks at the Hidalgo subway station in Mexico City April 29, 2009. A deadly swine flu outbreak could push Mexico deeper into recession, hurting an economy that shrank by as much as 8 percent in the first quarter, Mexico's central bank said on Wednesday. REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar (MEXICO HEALTH)

WHO Raises Pandemic Flu Alert Level To Phase 5 -- Yahoo News/AP

GENEVA – The World Health Organization has raised its pandemic alert for swine flu to the second highest level, meaning that it believes a global outbreak of the disease is imminent.

WHO says the phase 5 alert means there is sustained human to human spread in at least two countries. It also signals that efforts to produce a vaccine will be ramped up.

WHO has confirmed human cases of swine flu in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Britain, Israel, New Zealand and Spain. Mexico and the U.S. have reported deaths.

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Senior Saudi calls for political reforms.

Dubai property prices 'fall 41%'.

Lebanon begins freeing generals held in killing. Suspects in Lebanese Premier’s death released.


Indian troops lock down Kashmir ahead of vote.

Muslim rebel attacks leave 10 dead in Thailand.

UK, French ministers press Sri Lanka ceasefire call.

China's black jails.

NKorea threatens nuke test if UN doesn't apologize.


Russian navy seizes 29 pirates off Somalia: report.

New Madagascar government named.


Turkey blast kills nine soldiers.

UK ends bilateral military aid to Colombia.

27 suspected in death of French Jew go on trial.


Officials admit they ordered secrecy on Air Force One's New York flyover.

Raul Castro: Obama's Cuba policy changes 'minimal'.

Iran's defense minister visits Venezuela.


Algeria: Al-Qaeda video promotes child recruitment.

France and Spain set up joint body to fight terrorism.

30 Gitmo detainees to be released.


U.S. economy shrinks at 6.1 percent pace in 1Q

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