Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NATO To Be Retructured?

Obama: New NATO Coming, Shape And Strategy TBD -- L.A. Times

President Obama had NATO's new secretary general into the Oval Office today for one of his patented one-way media availabilities: You can watch but no questions.

For those of you who think "duck and cover" has something to do with feather-filled blankets, we'll remind that NATO was formed in the tumultuous, frightening aftermath years of World War II when Stalin and the Soviet Union took over Eastern Europe and American schoolchildren were taught to hide under the school desks in the event of nuclear annihilation at any moment.

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My Comment: This has become the trademark for the Obama administration. Make a big announcement that outlines big goals and changes (in very general terms) .... and then nothing happens.

This joint meeting and the announcement of bringing NATO into the 21rst century (?!?!?!), I can easily predict that nothing is going to change. If there are going to be changes , it will be in Afghanistan, and these changes will be designed to give President Obama cover for not sending the extra troops that commanders on the ground are requesting.

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