Monday, January 31, 2011

World News Briefs -- January 31, 2011 (Evening Edition)

Egypt Set For Mass Protest As Army Rules Out Force -- The Guardian

• One million to march on critical day for rebellion
• Vice-president says he will talk to opposition
• White House hardens stance over transition

Egypt's army gave a powerful boost to the country's opposition tonight by announcing it would not use force to silence "legitimate" demands for democratic reforms in the Arab world's largest country.

On the eve of a million-strong protest planned for tomorrow and amid multiplying signs that the US is moving steadily closer towards ditching its long-standing ally, Egypt's president Hosni Mubarak now has few options left.

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Report warns of Iran nuke disaster.

Iran could have nuclear weapon by 2012 - Britain.

Israel shocked by Obama's "betrayal" of Mubarak.

Turmoil in Egypt could bolster Hamas.

Israel braces for 'new Middle East'.

Egypt turmoil rattles Middle East stock markets.

Iran to showcase new rockets, satellites: report.

UAE denies Oman’s espionage charges.


U.N. told North Korea has more secret atomic sites: envoys. North Korea has at least one secret nuclear site, UN report says.

South Korea rejects North's call for earlier military talks.

N. Korea dissent on rise: US study.

Pakistan doubles its nuclear arsenal. At 100, Pak ahead in N-arsenal.

Myanmar's parliament opens under tight security.

Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev calls for snap Presidential poll.

Uncertain spring awaits violent Afghan south.

Losses at Afghan Bank could be $900 million.

Cyclone roars toward Australia's flooded north.

As Myanmar new parliament opens, junta's shadow looms large.


Mubarak offers talks, pushed by army, U.S. and protests. Cairo airport a scene of chaos as foreigners flee. Evacuation of Americans from Egypt scheduled to start. Foreigners urged to leave protest-ridden Egypt.

At least 17 killed in Mogadishu violence. Somali soldier kills 17 after firing into crowd accidentally.

African leaders agree new I. Coast crisis strategy.

In Tunisia, '500 scenarios' for political future. AP Interview: Islamist leader returns to Tunisia.

Niger to vote after one year of military rule.

Mugabe to call early elections, deploy military, officials say.

Zimbabwe says China eyes $10bn investment.

Somali pirates could soon face US military action. Somali pirate fleet unchallenged.


Turkey cites prejudice in delay of bid to join EU.

Hundreds of Russians protest against Putin. Russian police arrest dozens at anti-govt rallies. Opposition leader Limonov detained at unsanctioned rally in Moscow.

EU slaps sanctions on Belarus. EU, U.S. clamp down on Belarus. Belarus releases political prisoners.

'Last' Bloody Sunday march in N. Ireland town.

European stocks drop on Egypt tensions.

Scandals shake Germany's faith in its military.

Albanian police arrest 3 for allegedly conspiring to murder opposition leader during protest.


Napolitano to Mexican cartels: Don't even think about it.

U.S. Judge strikes down healthcare reform law.

U.S. Midwest, Plains brace for massive winter storm.

Clinton in Haiti to mediate political crisis.

'Anti-government' activist arrested after planning to blow up Michigan mosque.

Bolivia flash flood sweeps away bus, truck; 30 die.


Pakistani Taliban step up attacks in northwest.

Al-Qaeda announces holy war against Houthis in Yemen.

Governments go online in fight against terrorism.

Lawyer: 'Jihad Jane' plans to plead guilty.

Losing to terrorism in Russia


Intel discovers chip flaw in midst of major launch.

Brent oil surges above $101 on Egypt uncertainty.

Despite China's might, US factories maintain edge.

Echoes of Egypt swirl around World Economic Forum.

Exxon profit rises 53 percent, tops Street.

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