Tuesday, February 15, 2011

China's New "Carrier Killer" Missile Will Not Make The U.S. Navy Change The Way It Operates In The Pacific

Vulnerable?: The USS George Washington, one of the navy's crown jewels in the Pacific where the U.S. Navy has ruled the waves since the Second World War

China's New 'Carrier Killer' Missile Won't Stop Us Doing Our Job, Says U.S. Navy Commander -- The Daily Mail

A new much-feared missile that has become a symbol of China's growing military power will not change the way the U.S. Navy operates in the Pacific, a senior navy commander has warned.

The 'carrier killer' Dong Feng 21D missile has the potential to change the balance of power in Asia, where U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups have been in charge since the Second World War.

But Vice Admiral Scott van Buskirk, commander of the vast U.S. 7th Fleet, said that the Navy does not see the weapon as creating any insurmountable vulnerability for the American carriers.

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US admiral: Carrier killer won't stop US Navy -- Yahoo News/AP

My Comment: Arrogance and cockiness from a U.S. Vice Admiral. It may not be a threat today .... but think about what developments the Chinese will be doing in the next few very short years. When I think about it .... my concern levels start to rise.


XBradTC said...

Eh, not that worried about it. The Navy is on the cutting edge of BMD. The easiest ballistic missile to intercept is the one coming right at you. Having a BMD capable Tico or Burke right next to the carrier will provide pretty good defense.

That's on top of the fact that the Chinese have talked a lot about the DF-21D, but no one has seen an operational demonstration of it.

Unknown said...

There's also the fact that the carrier battle groups of the USN don't have a readily available substitute that has the combat and non-combat capabilities of a carrier group while voiding the vulnerability under the DF-21D. The carriers provide an invaluable security asset for multiple types of missions.

Plus there's the fact that even if the Chinese could use a DF-21D to kill a carrier they'd be committing to a wartime scenario. I'm certain the USN has (or will have) the BMD capabilities to prevent that.

War News Updates Editor said...

Thanks for the comments. I hope you guys are right. I lived in China in 1988, and been there many times since. In 1988, everyone I knew was scoffing at China's economic capacity and ability to compete on the world's market. And they were right .... but I always say it is not what you are today, but what you have the potential to be tomorrow. For China .... they believe the future belongs to them.