Monday, May 29, 2017

A Soldier's Reflection For Memorial Day

Graves at Arlington on Memorial Day. Wikipedia.

Viewpoint: A Soldier's Reflection For Memorial Day -- Time

It is the early days of January 2010, and the company forms to the front of the memorial display at the chapel of the forward operating base in Afghanistan. The backdrop for the small shrine: the crossed staffs of an American flag and the regimental colors. An M4 rifle stands upright, its bayonet lodged into a felt-covered wooden desk in front of the flags, the pistol grip facing the audience. The fallen soldier's helmet rests on the weapon's buttstock, shielding it as it once did his silhouette. Two dog tags dangle from the rifle's pistol grip, clamoring in the desert wind. Below, centered on the rifle's barrel and arrayed at the position of attention, are the soldier's desert tan boots — tied, laces tucked.

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James said...

I know this may be somewhat unpopular, but a lot of people don't like some of the non-remembrance activities that go one today (bbqs, races, etc). I believe that the guys who've gone to the other side would say that was exactly what they served for, so Americans could go on enjoying the ordinary things of life without fear.

Anonymous said...

No way. A lot of the soldiers that died believed on Jesus Christ and would not be happy with their children being homosexualso and transvestites