Thursday, June 30, 2011

Civil War In Libya -- News Updates June 30, 2011

France Admits It Armed Libyan Rebels -- Christian Science Monitor

France's admission Wednesday that it provided weapons to Libyan rebels renews debate on the legality and wisdom of arming rebels in conflicts whose outcome is unpredictable.

France revealed Wednesday that its forces parachuted weapons to Libya's rebels earlier this month, making it the first NATO country to disclose that it provided arms to rebel forces and renewing debate on the merits of such action.

The ambiguous wording of UN Resolution 1973, which authorized foreign intervention in Libya, has led to clashing interpretations of what is allowed under the guise of protecting civilians. There is no consensus on whether arming the rebels is permissible under the resolution's guidelines. According to NATO, France is the only country to provide weapons, the Associated Press reported.

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More News On Libya's Civil War

FACTBOX-Latest developments in Libyan conflict 1400 GMT -- Reuters
Rebels take Gaddafi base and set sights on Tripoli -- Sydney Morning Herald
Libyan Base Falls to a Rebel Raid in the West -- New York Times
Rampant rebels push Gaddafi troops from military base -- Scotsman
Tripoli pipeline attack means endgame for Gadaffi -- Channel 4
Libya's Gadhafi calls for volunteers, women answer -- CNN

France Says It Gave Arms to the Rebels in Libya -- New York Times
France Provides Weapons, Food to Libyan Rebels -- Voice of America
Libyan rebels armed by France -- Sydney Morning Herald
France supplies arms to rebels: Airdrops appear to be in violation of a UN weapons embargo -- Vancouver Sun/AFP
France airdrops weapons to Libyan rebels -- UPI
Libyan rebel leader denies receiving weapons from France -- L.A. Times
Libya opposition says need more weapons -- Yahoo News/AP
Libya's cash-strapped rebels appeal for funds -- Yahoo News/Reuters
UK Sends Body Armor, Police Uniforms to Libya -- New York Times/AP
Britain won’t help arm Libya rebels -- Washington Times

French arms sales to Libya in breach of UN resolution - Lavrov -- RIA Novosti
Russia: France May Have Violated UN Arms Embargo on Libya -- Voice of America
Russia says arming Libyan rebels violates U.N. vote -- Reuters
Libya: Russia decries French arms drop to Libya rebels -- BBC
China avoids criticising France over Libya arms -- Reuters
Africans worried by French arms for Libya rebels -- DAWN/AFP
Libya: AU condemns French arms drop to rebels -- BBC

NATO vexed as French arm Libyan rebels -- Sydney Morning Herald
NATO: not involved in French arms aid to Libya rebels -- Reuters
No "mission creep" in Libya, NATO chief vows -- Reuters
Libyan rebels would review Gaddafi contracts -- Reuters
Libya risks extremism if war drags on: World Bank -- Yahoo News/Reuters

Libya: War and rape. Have Muammar Gadaffi's forces used rape as a weapon to suppress Libya's uprising? -- Al Jazeera
French arms move shows Libya pressures on West -- Reuters
Keep calm, keep going: The world must intensify the pressure against Muammar Qaddafi—and help plan for the future. -- The Economist
Is France right to arm Libyan rebels? -- Brian Whitaker, The Guardian
How to depose Kadafi -- L.A. Times editorial

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Nalliah said...

France’s admission to arming rebels undermines the whole reasoning behind the bombing campaign. The admission that France war arming the rebels is very obviously an admission that what’s going on in Libya is a fight between the government and armed rebels, and armed rebels are not civilians. So any attack on the armed rebels in Libya is therefore not necessarily a war crime. Armed Islamic secessionists, supported by outside powers, killing civilians that support the government, government workers, policemen, and soldiers are NOT civilians. Any country, facing a treasonist insurrection backed financially and militarily by outside, hostile forces, has the right to defend itself to preserve its nationhood.