Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Civil War In Syria -- News Updates February 21, 2012

Syrian Government Forces Prepare For Bloody Ground Assault On Besieged Rebel Stronghold Of Homs -- Daily Mail

* Tanks and troops mass outside the resistance city
* Activist warn loss of life is going to be 'huge'
* Red Cross efforts to broker a cease-fire fail
* China and Russia could take tougher stance on President Assad's regime
* US senator urge nations to arm the rebel fighters
* More than 20 people reported dead in latest attack

A ground assault by Syrian forces on the resistance stronghold of Homs looks imminent, as Government tanks and troops mass outside the city today.

Reports say Government troops have killed 21 people and wounded some 340 with a heavy artillery barrage on the city.

Activists are warning of a new round of fierce and bloody urban combat being unleashed - despite efforts by the Red Cross to broker a cease-fire to allow emergency aid in.

A flood of military reinforcements has been a prelude to previous offensives by President Bashar Assad's regime, which has tried to use its overwhelming firepower to crush an opposition that has been bolstered by defecting soldiers and hardened by 11 months of street battles.

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More News On Syria's Civil War

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Red Cross seeks Syria ceasefires; more than 60 killed -- Reuters
Syria crisis: Red Cross presses for humanitarian truce -- BBC
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Russia continues arms sales to Syria despite Western protests -- Christian Science Monitor
Russia boosts arms sales to Syria despite world pressure -- Yahoo News/Reuters
Russia to boycott Syria opposition meeting -- Euronews
Russia Bows out of 'Friends of Syria Group' Meeting – Foreign Ministry -- RIA Novosti
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Weekly Standard: Inside Free Syria -- Jonathan Spyer, NPR
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U.S. appears to open door to possibly arming Syrian rebels -- Reuters
McCain calls for US to support Syria rebels -- IBN Live

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