Saturday, March 31, 2012

Editor's Note

Blogging will be light for the entire week. Will be playing host to family members from all over the world starting today .... so time will be (unfortunately) limited. Military and Intelligence News Briefs, World News Briefs, and Afghanistan War News Updates will still be posted daily at the usual hours.

On the bright side .... a number of my readers over the past few years have asked for some pictures of little old me and of Montreal .... so .... since I have been conscripted to play host and tour guide, expect a few in the next few days.

Must go to the airport now, so blogging will return tomorrow morning.

1 comment:

oldfatslow said...

You picked a good week. My
#3 boy is out of Trashcanistan
and heading home now. It's
been a long year but checking
WNU 4 or more times a day has
made it pass more quickly.
Thanks for all the hard work
you do on this site.