Thursday, September 20, 2012

Are There U.S. Navy SEALs In Iran?

A recent photograph of the suspected uranium-enrichment facility near Iran's holy city of Qom (Courtesy Reuters).

Who’s Sabotaging Iran’s Nuclear Program? -- Eli Lake, The Daily Beast

Tehran says power lines to two nuclear facilities were blown up—and is pointing the finger at outside sources. Has the West’s stealth war on Iran’s nukes gone from cyber warfare and targeted killings to attacks on civilian infrastructure?

The chief of Iran’s nuclear program says the power lines to his nuclear facilities were sabotaged. U.S. Special Forces have trained for operations inside Iran for years. Do these latest disclosures suggest they are already on the ground?

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My Comment:
I doubt that there are US Navy SEALs in Iran right now .... and the reasons why are political. A capture of just one SEAL would be disastrous, and with the US Presidential election only 7 weeks away, I doubt that President Obama wants to position himself that in the event of a worse case scenario .... he ends up being compared to President Carter and his failed Iran rescue mission 30+ years ago.


D.Plowman said...

Completely agree. Makes no sense at all why there would be any SEALS in Iran, highly unlikely given the massive, massive, political ramifications if something went wrong.

Scott Ransbottom said...

You never can tell though... The US has been developing invisible cloaking uniforms for over a decade and you can see leaked videos of how they work on youtube... i wouldnt be surprised if they were, we can agree the boyscouts didn't accomplish the task alone!