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Civil War In Syria -- News Updates October 22, 2012

Syria: Little Hope For Eid Ceasefire As Conflict Spills Across Borders (+Video) -- Christian Science Monitor

An Arab League official indicates a cease-fire is unlikely as Syrian President Assad has signaled little support. Meanwhile, the conflict is showing signs of spilling into Lebanon and Jordan.

An Arab League official says hopes for a cease-fire in Syria over the upcoming Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha are "weak," as President Bashar al-Assad shows little indication of support for the concept, despite his words in favor of a ceasefire.

Ahmed Ben Helli, deputy secretary general of the Arab League, told Reuters that "The indications that are now apparent and the government's reaction ... do not show any signs of a real desire to implement this cease-fire." The proposal, brought to Mr. Assad and the rebels over the weekend by United Nations special envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi, would entail an end to fighting beginning Oct. 26 and and lasting through the weekend, during the holiday of Eid al-Adha.

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More News On Syria`s Civil War

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Syrian rebels worried al-Qaeda infiltrating rebellion
-- USA Today
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U.N. expects to feed 1.5 million Syrians monthly till mid-2013 -- Reuters

Eid truce hopes fade as clashes rage in Syria
-- Al Jazeera
Hopes Dim for Syrian Cease-Fire -- Voice of America
U.N. mulling peacekeepers if Syrian foes reach cease-fire -- CNN
UN planning peacekeeping force for Syria, contingent on cease-fire, Security Council mandate -- Washington Post/AP
UN peacekeeping chief says preparing Syria contingency plans -- Reuters
Syria peacekeeping contingency plan mulled at UN -- BBC
Syrian rebels demand Assad suspends military flights for Eid ceasefire
-- The Telegraph
Syria rebels pessimistic on mediator's ceasefire plan -- Reuters

Syria's civil war spills violence across borders into Jordan, Lebanon
-- FOX News
Syrian violence spills into Jordan, Lebanon -- Al Arabiya
Lebanon and Jordan Move Quickly to Contain Syria-Related Violence
-- New York Times
Jordanian Soldier Killed as Syrian Conflict Spreads -- Voice of America
Jordan soldier killed fighting militants: minister -- AFP
Jordan seeks to curb flow of fighters to Syria -- Washington Post

On Turkey's Syrian frontier, fears of a sectarian spillover -- Reuters
Turkey assures Europe on Syria -- Deutsche Welle
Syria strife tests Turkish Alawites -- Al Jazeera
Turkey looks to Iran, Russia to tackle Syria crisis -- AFP

Vatican's Syria mission is postponed -- FOX News/AP
Broadcasters say Syria, Iran jamming news info -- AP
Syria will be a defining issue of the next US presidency
-- Martin Chulov, The Guardian
How to Vet Potential Allies in Syria -- Andrew J. Tabler and Jeffrey White, Washington Institute

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