Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Second Building Attacked During The U.S. Consulate Terror Attack Was A CIA Post

Revealed: Second U.S. Building Attacked In Libya Terror Raid Was CIA Base . . . As It Emerges American Drones Were Circling Above But Were 'Too Slow' To Act -- Daily Mail

* Second building in Benghazi had previously been described as an 'annexe'
* Two SEALs died while defending base a mile away from U.S. consulate
* American drones were in the sky above city during deadly September 11 raid

The 'annexe' to the U.S. consulate in Benghazi which was attacked by militants last month was a CIA building, it has been revealed.

The intelligence base, which has previously been described only as a 'safe house', was the building which two Navy SEALs were defending when they died in the terrorist raid.

It was around a mile from the consulate where ambassador Chris Stevens and diplomat Sean Smith were killed on the night of September 11.

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Update: 'Annex' hit in Libya terror attack was CIA post, officials say -- FOX News

My Comment: The Daily Mail and FOX News are behind the curve on this one .... this story was reported on 10 days ago.

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