Thursday, November 1, 2012

9/11 Memorial Suffers 'Extensive' Damage From Hurricane Sandy

9/11 Memorial

Superstorm Sandy: 9/11 Memorial Suffers 'Extensive' Damage -- The Telegraph

Superstorm Sandy inflicted "extensive" damage on the National September 11 Memorial, built at the World Trade Center site in New York to honour those killed in the 2001 attacks, an official said on Wednesday.

The memorial's chief executive Joe Daniels said the site had suffered "extensive impacts" due to "serious flooding" at the foundation level of the World Trade Center, where a museum is currently under construction.

Flooding also hit the visitor centre and other facilities.

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WNU Editor: The 9/11 Memorial website is informing visitors that the memorial site is closed, and to return regularly for updates. The 9/11 memorial website is here.

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