Monday, November 5, 2012

Afghanistan War News Updates -- November 5, 2012

US Troop-Pullout Plan Worries Afghanistan -- Al Jazeera

Helmand governor fears his country faces insecurity, saying foreign combat forces plan to withdraw too soon.

The war in Afghanistan will be a challenge for whoever the next US president is. Both candidates have promised to bring combat troops home by the end of 2014, but as Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith reports from Helmand province, the country faces continuing insecurity.

Helmand's governor has told Al Jazeera he believes foreign combat troops are trying to pull out too soon.

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More News On Afghanistan

ISAF Joint Command morning operational update, Nov 5 -- ISAF
3 soldiers from upstate NY killed in Afghanistan
-- SFGate/AP
Italy will not desert Afghanistan, prime minister says
-- Stars and Stripes/AP
Afghanistan presidential election set for April 2014 -- Business Recorder
With election day set, many Afghans doubt vote will be fair -- Stars and Stripes
Insurgent group wants all foreign troops gone before election -- Stars and Stripes
U.S. soldier charged in Kandahar massacre to make first court appearance -- Washington Post
Bales to hear case against him in deadly Afghanistan spree -- CNN
Prosecutors in Afghanistan massacre case face tough challenge -- L.A. Times
As NATO Nears Exit, Construction Dries Up -- New York Times
Afghanistan: China Begins Pumping Lots Of Oil
-- Strategy Page
Rough road for silkmakers: Afghan families struggle to keep old trade alive in face of competition from cheap synthetic imports -- Daily Mail
The Renegade Diplomat: Kael Weston’s Afghanistan Turnaround -- Daily Beast
The prognosis is for many more years of war
-- Rediff

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