Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Concerns About China’s “Carrier Killer” Missile Being Used Against Stationary Targets

The DF-21D

China’s “Carrier Killer”: The DF-21D -- James R. Holmes, The Diplomat

Commentators have made much of China’s DF-21D (dubbed by many as the "carrier-killer") anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM), which reportedly entered limited service with the People’s Liberation Army’s Second Artillery Corps, or missile force, in late 2010. Their assumption, doubtless correct, is that the U.S. Pacific Fleet represents the ASBM’s primary target. But just as U.S. commanders plan for the hardest case—or against the most capable prospective foe—and trust that the resulting capabilities can handle “lesser included” challenges, PLA commanders can use the ASBM not just for anti-access scenarios involving the U.S. Navy but to pummel less formidable fleets. This is Beijing’s unseen big stick.

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My Comment: If this story is true .... and the effectiveness of the DF-21D is what the Chinese are boasting about .... I guess the 'cockiness' of our US commanders are in for a change.

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