Saturday, November 17, 2012

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- November 17, 2012

The Israeli military launches a missile Nov. 15 from the Iron Dome air defense system, designed to intercept and destroy incoming short-range rockets and artillery shells, in the southern city of Beer Sheva following the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip. (Menahem Kahana / AFP)

Israel’s Iron Dome Plays Growing Role in Gaza Conflict -- Defense News/AFP

BEERSHEVA, Israel — Iron Dome, Israel’s much vaunted anti-missile defense system, is playing an increasingly important role in the growing confrontation between the Jewish state and Gaza-based militants.

Since the latest round of bloodshed erupted 48 hours ago with an Israeli strike on a top Hamas militant, Israel has attacked more than 500 targets in Gaza in hundreds of bombing sorties.

During the same period, militants have fired more than 500 rockets across the border, 327 of which struck southern Israel, while another 184 were successfully intercepted in mid-flight by Iron Dome, army statistics show.

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How Israel's 'Iron Dome' intercepts incoming rockets in Gaza conflict -- NBC News

Turkey to ask NATO for missiles on Syria border: German daily
-- Reuters

Chinese Military Planes Begin Arriving in Venezuela -- FOX News

Japan chooses SAIC for mine countermeasure -- Space War

Five EU countries call for new military 'structure' -- EU Observer

Britain's defence chief says scrapping warships has created 'ridiculous situation' -- This Is Plymouth

US seriously concerned about abuses by Nigerian forces -- Reuters

Carrier-bound X-47B drone passes remote-control test -- CNet

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CNO Greenert: 'We're Not Downsizing, We're Growing' - Especially In Pacific -- Aol Defense

White House mulls move as cybersecurity bill fails -- Space Daily

Sen. Paul filibusters defense bill
-- The Hill

CIA investigates Petraeus; Pentagon wants to improve ethics -- McClatchy News

Army suicides for 2012 surpass last year's numbers -- Stars and Stripes/AP

US Hazing Trial Confronts Army's Delicate Race Relations -- Voice of America

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