Friday, December 21, 2012

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- December 21, 0212

The End Of Advantage: Enemies May Catch Up With US Technology -- Or Surpass It -- Aol Defense

WASHINGTON: "We in the United States are a bit arrogant in thinking [that] we own the technology high ground," the civilian told the assembled generals. "Technology doesn't necessarily belong to us and where it goes is not necessarily in our hands."

For six decades, the United States could count on being the planet's preeminent economic and technological power. Now, the US Army is looking into the "deep future" past 2030, when China's Gross Domestic Product is expected to have exceeded that of the US. At a recent Army seminar on "strategic trends" -- which AOL Defense was allowed to attend on the condition we not identify participants by name -- scores of military officers and civilian experts wrestled with a world in which the United States may have lost not only its economic primacy but much of its technological superiority as well.

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BAE safeguards 6,000 jobs with £2.5bn Oman military jet deal -- The Guardian

Norway Confident in F-35 Choice, Minister Says -- Defence Talk

China’s growing military might obscures the real threat of cyberwar
-- Extreme Tech

Russia Sells New Subs To China
-- Defense News

Fewer Russian Tactical Nukes Are Battle-Ready Than Widely Thought: Expert -- Global Security Newswire

Challenges Facing the Russian Defense Establishment
-- ISN

In Ex-Soviet States, Russian Spy Tech Still Watches You -- Danger Room

Russia Cements Control Over Military Bases In Kyrgyzstan

Japan's Next Leader Wants Freer Rein for Military -- AP

New Syria rebel chief describes clandestine life -- AP

Yemen's president restructures armed forces
-- CNN

U.S.- and European-backed force will try to rebuild Mali’s military
-- Washington post

Israel's air force gets ready for a blitz against missile foes -- Space Daily/UPI

Obama faces backlash on possible Hagel nomination for Pentagon -- Reuters

First Look: New Army Capstone Concept Takes On Cyber, Hybrid Warfare -- And Marines -- Aol Defense

Army Rolling Out Limited Capability Intel Software, Working on Upgrades -- Defense News

On Hill, it seems military has money to spare -- Stars and Stripes/Washington Post

House passes $633 billion defense bill over Pentagon complaints
-- AP

More cuts in defense spending a "given": Air Force -- Reuters

Lockheed satellite deal unlikely before year-end: U.S. Air Force -- FOX News/Reuters

The F-22 Raptor: Program & Events -- Defense Industry Daily

Air Force Blues -- Mark Thompson, Time

Army considers Palantir to boost intelligence architecture -- Defense Tech

Army deploys limited capability intel software -- Army Times

NSA Ready To Launch Classified Mobile Device Service -- Aol Government

House-Senate Panel Worries About ‘Slippery Slope’ of Over-Militarization of U.S. Espionage -- Defense News

Kerry Suggests Military Role in Diplomats’ Security
-- New York Times

Blackwater Wins the Battle of Benghazi -- Danger Room

Marines to be lauded for Libya rescue -- Air Force Times

Reports of abuse at Army day care spurs call from Obama -- CNN

Marine Pleads Guilty in Urination Case --

Lawsuit Still Possible Against SEAL Author --

Small Navy, Strong Navy -- James R. Holmes, The Diplomat

Pentagon, CIA likely approved “Zero Dark Thirty” torture scenes -- Salon

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