Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- December 4, 2012

Iran Claims Seizure Of U.S. Drone Over Persian Gulf -- CNN

Tehran, Iran (CNN) -- Iran's navy has captured what it says is a U.S. drone after it entered Iranian airspace over the Persian Gulf.

However, a U.S. defense official, who could not be named because the official was not authorized to speak to the media, told CNN that whatever the Iranians claim to have, it is not an actively operating U.S. Navy drone.

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US weighing military options if Syria uses WMD -- AP

NATO chief echoes warning over Syria chemical weapons
-- CNN

US military: Intervention in Mali now would fail -- AP

Afghan Government: Coalition Cannot Arrest Afghans
-- Military.com/Stars and Stripes

Pakistani Ballistic Missile Test Failed
-- Defense News

US Helicopter Contract 'In Place' Says Russian Arms Firm -- RIA Novosti

Russian military to have dedicated special operations command -- Voice of Russia

NATO southern command moves to high-tech campus -- Stars and Stripes

Contenders Jockey for Israel Defense Job
-- Defense News

The ultimate warplane? First flight for European stealth drone that can remotely bomb targets with unprecedented accuracy -- The Daily Mail

Anonymous threatens Morsy with cyberwarfare -- Foreign Policy

Saudi F-15 jet crashes on training mission, pilot missing -- Reuters

Turkmenistan Big Beneficiary Of Pentagon Money, While Uzbekistan Lags
-- Eurasianet.org

Iran Sets Permanent Presence in North Korea -- Global Security Newswire

Campaigners Call for End of Landmine Use -- Voice of America

Swiss spy agency warns U.S., Britain about huge data leak -- Reuters

Indian navy prepared to deploy to South China Sea to protect oil interests -- Reuters

India: China’s Navy Modernization a “Major Concern” -- Voice of America

Air Force not backing down from Guard budget battle -- DoD Buzz

Navy Will Have to Wait Before Amassing Its Robo-Copter Fleet -- Danger Room

Navy suspends early release program for sailors -- Stars and Stripes

DoD Rebuts GAO Critique Of Okinawa Move EXCLUSIVE -- Aol Defense

US defense sector CEOs say budget deal must include tax hikes
-- Reuters

CEO: Defense Jobs at Risk on ‘Fiscal Cliff’ -- Military.com/Washington Times

Pentagon drops 'strategic communication' -- USA Today

3-D Printed Gun Only Lasts 6 Shots -- Danger Room

Polymer Lens Technology Could Give Troops 'Eagle Eyes' On The Battlefield -- Business Insider

Cops to Congress: We need logs of Americans' text messages -- CNET

Military judge removed from Fort Hood shooter case -- CNN

Experts: Restricting troops’ access to firearms is necessary to reduce rate of suicides
-- Stars and Stripes

Vietnam veterans group sues military over PTSD -- Air Force Times/AP

Navy Cross, Silver Stars for Marine SpecOps -- North County Times

The Cover Of This Week's Marine Corps Times Could Offend A lot Of People -- Business Insider

If More Money Buys a Smaller Fleet, What Will Less Money Buy? -- Winslow Wheeler, Time

More Than the Navy’s Numbers Could Be Sinking -- Winslow Wheeler, Time

Letting China See U.S. Military Capacities a Bad Idea -- Dean Cheng, Heritage Foundation

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