Monday, December 3, 2012

Taliban Launch A Suicide Attack Against A Major NATO Base In Afghanistan

Suicide Bombers Attack NATO-Afghan Airbase -- Voice of America

ISLAMABAD — Eight suicide bombers attacked the Jalalabad air base in eastern Afghanistan Sunday, but were killed by Afghan forces before entering the complex.

Taliban suicide bombers detonated two cars filled with explosives at the main gate of a joint NATO-Afghan airbase in Afghanistan's eastern Nangahar province at dawn Sunday. According to the Ministry of Interior, the vehicles had been stopped by Afghan forces, and follow-up attackers were killed in a fierce gunfight.

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More News On Yesterday's Taliban Attack Against A Major NATO Base In Afghanistan

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-- L.A. Times
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Police: Suicide bombings target U.S.-Afghan base, kill 5
-- CNN
Attackers at U.S.-Afghan Base Wore Coalition Uniforms -- New York Times
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Taliban suicide assault team attacks US airbase in Jalalabad -- Long War Journal
Taliban attack on US base in Afghanistan kills 3 Afghan troops, 2 civilians
-- RT
Joint U.S.-Afghan Base Attacked By Taliban In Eastern Afghanistan -- NPR

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