Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why Is The U.S. Sending 20 More F-16 Jet Fighters To Egypt's Islamic Government?

Turmoil in Egypt isn't stopping a shipment of 20 F-16 fighter jets, including this one - already emblazoned with Egypt's flag.

US Sending 20 More F-16s To Egypt, Despite Turmoil In Cairo -- FOX News

Instability in Egypt, where a newly-elected Islamic government teeters over an angry population, isn't enough to stop the U.S. from sending more than 20 F-16 fighter jets, as part of a $1 billion foreign aid package.

The first four jets are to be delivered to Egypt beginning Jan. 22, a source at the naval air base in Fort Worth, where the planes have been undergoing testing, told FoxNews.com. The North African nation already has a fleet of more than 200 of the planes and the latest shipment merely fulfills an order placed two years ago. But given the uncertainty in Cairo, some critics wonder if it is wise to be sending more top gun planes.

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My Comment
: This is nuts. And to add insult to injury .... these fighter jets are part of an aid package. Egypt has no enemies, so these jets will be used for only two things .... to threaten it's civilians who are protesting against the Morsi government, and to threaten Israel.


D.Plowman said...

Perfect example of American double-standards.

Is the Obama administration really betting on that Morsi won't use these against his own civilians?

Not only that, how exactly is this part of an aid package?

If there ever was a fine example of American duplicity and hypocrisy, this is it.

fab z said...

Cant think of any reason other than manking sure war happens and they profit from it? What they did is so crazy that I dont know what else justifies that....