Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Commentaries, Opinions, And Editorials -- January 30, 2013

Analysis: Israeli Attack In Syria Could Trigger Iran Reaction -- Martin Fletcher, NBC News

Israelis understood something was up earlier this week when two of the country’s five Iron Dome anti-missile defense systems were moved north to protect Israel’s third largest town, Haifa. The government said the deployment was routine.

This was followed by a flurry of press reports, all quoting anonymous official sources, warning that Israel would not allow Syria and Hezbollah to cross its so-called "red lines."

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Commentaries, Opinions, And Editorials

Will Syria Bleed Hezbollah Dry?
-- Daniel Nisman and Daniel Brode, New York Times

Stopping Syria
-- Jerusalem Post editorial

The Flight of Syria's Middle Classes -- Ulrike Putz, Spiegel Online

Why Has Iran Slowed Its Nuclear Program—on Purpose? -- Brian Fung, The Atlantic

The Republic of Port Said: An insurrection along the Suez Canal represents the greatest threat yet to the Muslim Brotherhood's rule in Egypt. -- Evan C. Hill, Foreign Policy

The U.S.-Saudi alliance and the changing dynamics of oil -- Thomas W. Lippman, The Montréal Review

Algeria Doesn't Need Lectures on Terrorism
-- Con Coughlin, The Telegraph

Burma’s Kachin War: Renewed Ethnic Strife Threatens Regional Stability
-- Hannah Beech, Time

The Asia Pivot, Our Dysfunctional China Policy, Japan and the Upcoming Abe-Obama Summit -- Stephen Harner, Forbes

Why five tiny islands are big matter of principle in China
-- Mark Mackinnon, The Globe and Mail

Political climates in Japan and China ratchet up island dispute -- Washington Post editorial

Conflict in Mali: Islamist terrorism in north Africa must be nipped in the bud -- Times of India

How the Santa Maria Fire Could Mark a Turning Point for Brazil -- Tim Padgett, Time

Analysis: For Brazil's president, deadly fire highlights larger cause -- Brian Winter, Reuters

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