Sunday, January 6, 2013

Do Women Really Want To Serve In The U.S. Infantry?

WNU Editor:
The debate on permitting women to serve in combat roles continues .... here are two must read articles on the subject:

1) Infantry now shut to women; do they want it open? -- AP
2) Women in U.S. military fight for right to serve in combat -- Baltimore Sun

My Comment: I prefer women to not be serving in a combat role .... but what I prefer does not exist in the real world .... women are involved in heavy combat all the time, and are getting killed and/or wounded because of it. Best to give them the proper training and preparation that we give to our regular infantry soldiers .... especially since they are fighting side by side anyway.

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Will said...

Agreed, I've been in the infantry in my career with the army thus far. I'm not sexist, but it is a horrible moral killer when your female medic is killed. It really does hinder the men greatly more so than losing another man. (Not that that is not bad either)