Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is There An Opening For Revived Mideast Peace Talks?

Clinton Sees Opening For Revived Mideast Peace Talks -- Voice of America

WASHINGTON — Outgoing U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says a new coalition government in Israel could lead to resumption of talks toward a two-state peace accord with Palestinians.

During a "townhall" interview in Washington where she fielded questions from young people from around the world, Clinton said Israel's election "opens doors, not nails them shut."

"I think the outcome of the election in which a significant percentage of the Israeli electorate chose to express themselves by saying 'We need a different path than the one we have been pursuing, internally and with respect to the Middle East peace process,'" Clinton said.

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My Comment:
I an not seeing what Sec. of State Clinton is seeing. The Middle East's focus right now is on the Syrian civil war and the political unrest (Arab Spring) in countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, etc.. The Palestinians themselves are deeply divided, and Netanyahu has shown zero interest to be involved in peace talks. And while a significant part of the Israeli electorate voted for some type of change .... the majority did not.

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