Friday, January 11, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 11, 2013

Why Air Force Needs Lots Of F-35s: Gen. Hostage On The 'Combat Cloud' -- Aol Defense

Technology is not enough. What's equally essential is ideas for how to use it. Wielding new weapons in the same old way is a recipe for defeat. As the US military today invests in innovative programs, none larger than the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, it must also invent innovative concepts of operation.

The Air Force's point man on global deployments is Gen. Michael Hostage, head of Langely, Va.-based Air Combat Command. Recently, two members of the AOL Defense Board of Contributors, Dr. Robbin Laird and retired Air Force Lt. Gen. David Deptula, sat down with Hostage to discuss not just the new weapons systems, but a new vision of how to use them, an emerging concept of operations that Gen. Hostage calls "the combat cloud."

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Japan Scrambles Jets To Head Off Chinese Military Planes ... Again
-- Business Insider

Chinese Enthusiasm for Area 52 -- Strategy Page

Russia, China Plan to Boost Cooperation on Missile Defense -- RIA Novosti

U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan on rise for 2013 -- Washington Post

Iron Dome Faces Bad Numbers
-- Strategy Page

Massive Floating Armories Filled With Weapons Are A Pirate's Sweet Dream -- Business Insider/The Guardian

Russia, Ukraine sell arms to Syria, Iraq -- Space Daily/UPI

Chavez Exit No Major Threat to Russia’s Lucrative Deals – Experts
-- RIA Novosti

Russia to Get 20 New Aerospace Defense Radars -- RIA Novosti

France To Ship Military Equipment Through Kazakhstan --

UK military to use Glock pistols after 40 years of Browning
-- Reuters

Air Force Eyes Return of Mobile Nuclear Missiles -- Global Security Newswire

General Dynamics gets $4 billion underwater boost -- DoD Buzz

Futuristic rifle turns novice into sharpshooter -- NBC

Raytheon's Quick Kill System Defeats Lethal Armor-Piercing RPGs
-- Space Daily

Cloud Of Iron: DARPA Hardens Cloud Computing Against Cyber Attack -- Aol Defense

Army Quests For Holy Grail: The Elusive Armed Aerial Scout
-- Aol Defense

Air Force picks KC-46A candidate bases -- Defense Tech

UPDATE: F-22 move to Tyndall AFB delayed to 2014 -- News Herald

What Awaits John Brennan at the CIA -- Robert B. Baer, Time

Defense plans precautionary cutbacks
-- Washington Post

Pentagon moving to freeze hiring, delay contracts -- AP

Panetta Warns of Severe Reductions in Operations if March Sequester Occurs -- Defense News

Why Sequestration May Be The Least Worst Case
-- Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., Aol Defense

Homeland Security Has Too Many Definitions, Says CRS -- Secrecy News

US: Bin Laden Got Cables Manning Leaked

Colombia prostitution scandal report blames DEA agents -- CBS/AP

“Just the Kinetic Fight” -- Mark Thompson, Battleland/Time

Not So “Super” Carriers
-- Bring the heat. Bring the Stupid.

A Future for Armor in an Era of Persistent Conflict -- Joseph Trevithick, Small Wars Journal

How Accurate Are Bourne and Bond? Ask an Ex-CIA Officer -- Vaughn Sherman, Huffington Post

Oscars snub U.S. military-friendly films and crowd favorites -- Washington Times

Oscars 2013: 'Zero Dark Thirty' is undeserving victim of politics -- L.A. Times

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