Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 8, 2013

China Could Be Spending More On Its Military Than The US By 2035 -- Business Insider

China's military budget has been exploding and could soon pass the US military budget in just over two decades.

From a recent research note published by Societe Generale:

Growing dispute with China and its neighbours...
China’s military spending is expected to have increased from around $20 billion in 2002 to at least $120bn in 2011. According to the research institute SIPRI, the country could surpass the US in total military spending by 2035, raising concerns in the US and southeast Asian countries. Last year, conflict over disputed islands caused Japan’s exports to China to fall sharply (-14.5% in November), increasing Japan’s trade deficit. The election of a new government with a more nationalist position in Japan could put the Sino- Japanese relationship under further strain. With the US Pivot preventing any large military actions in the region, the conflicts could take the form of trade wars that would damage Japan’s weak economy.

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Is Iran's presence in Latin America a threat? The White House says yes. -- Christian Science Monitor

Obama to meet Afghan President Karzai on Friday: White House -- Reuters

Nato's exit strategy in Afghanistan
-- BBC

Japan to revise defense policy by end 2013: paper
-- Reuters

With Eye on China, Japan Weighs Raising Military Spending -- New York Times

Unmanned J-6 fighter jets put on Fujian air base -- Focus Taiwan

S.Korea fighter replacement program goes over-budget -- Eric Palmer Blog

Submarines: The Indian Curse Continues -- Strategy Page

Military in Greece Is Spared Cuts
-- New York Times

Algerian forces train to fight jihadists -- Space War/UPI

Experts: Outlook Bleak for Near-Term NATO-Russia Tactical Nuke Deal -- Global Security Newswire

U.S., Canada Think Ahead to ‘NORAD Next’ -- US Department of Defense

Clinton to testify about Benghazi before resigning -- Washington Times

Air Force commander expects fewer programs
-- Stars and Stripes/AP

Taking to the air on hunt for dirty bomb threats
-- CNN

Army Issues Sources Sought for NIE 14.1 -- Defense Tech

How a Large U.S. Navy UAV Crashed in Maryland, From 18,000 Feet -- Defense News

Army looking to recruit more minorities to become officers -- Stars and Stripes

Marine captain: It may seem like business as usual to you, but it feels to me like our junior officer ranks ‘are being gutted’ -- Thomas E. Ricks, Foreign Policy

IG review expected soon on fatal Raptor crash -- Military Times

‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ dischargees to receive full back pay from DOD -- The Hill

Veterans' jobless rate falls but remains high -- Stars and Stripes/AP

After Election, Panetta Told Obama He Wanted to Retire -- Defense News

Navy Seeks to Combat Unplanned Pregnancies
-- Military.com/Stars and Stripes

Deal restores separation pay for military gays -- Army Times/AP

British team in Burma begin lost Spitfire hunt -- BBC

We Fly a B-2 Stealth Bomber -- Popular Mechanics

Secrecy, National Security, and the Case of John Kiriakou
-- Seth Mandel, Commentary

Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal respond to Zero Dark Thirty torture row
-- The Guardian

Hagel, Brennan, and history: How often does Senate reject cabinet nominees? -- Peter Grier, Christian Science Monitor

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