Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not Everyone Agrees That Having Women In Combat Positions Will Work

Women in Combat? Some Marines React -- Thomas James Brennan, At War/New York Times

When my squad arrived at our outpost in Afghanistan in 2010, one of the first things we did was outfit our living quarters with trash bags, cardboard and salvaged wood to ease the vicious winds. Going to the bathroom proved equally challenging. We urinated into a metal pipe fed through a Hesco barricade filled with dirt and burned our feces in a metal drum. There were no showers or water for showers, so, after each day’s long and grueling foot patrols we pulled on new socks and used baby wipes and body powder. It was miserable but we endured the misery together.

Soon, women will share that misery.

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My Comment:
A very blunt analysis coming from a Marine's practical experience .... and totally ignored by the main stream media when they covered this story last week. As to what's my take .... I can see this working in convoys, large bases, patrols that go back to the main base, etc. .... but having women deployed as infantry women to isolated FOBs with limited resources .... I have trouble seeing how that will work.

Update #1: Common sense, emotion and women in combat. A lack of front-line privacy would be humiliating. -- Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Washington Times

Update #2: Coed Combat Units. A bad idea on all counts -- Mackubin Thomas Owens, Weekly Standard

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