Thursday, January 31, 2013

U.S. - Russia Nuclear Talks?

Biden And Donilon Preparing For New Nuclear Discussions With Russia -- Josh Rogin, The Cable/Foreign Policy

Vice President Joe Biden will meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov this weekend in Munich and National Security Advisor Tom Donilon will travel to Moscow next month to try to kick-start a new round of U.S.-Russia nuclear reduction negotiations, The Cable has learned.

It was four years ago at the Munich Security Conference that Biden first spoke about the Obama administration's desire to "reset" U.S.-Russian relations after years of deterioration during the George W. Bush administration. Now, at the beginning of Obama's second term, Biden and Donilon are leading the charge to reinvigorate that reset, following a series of setbacks in the U.S.-Russia relationship that has included President Vladimir Putin accusing the United States of meddling in Russian politics, anger over a new U.S. law to sanction Russian human rights violators, and a new Russian ban on Americans adopting Russian orphans.

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My Comment:
Russia is right now spending the money to modernize their nuclear forces .... I do not see them changing this policy to accommodate U.S. wishes. As for the U.S. .... U.S. nuclear forces need to be modernize, but with trillion dollar deficits I do not see that happening .... and more to the point .... I see an administration that does not want to spend that king of money and are now looking for a convenient way out. My prediction .... this White House will make an announcement this year that the U.S. will unilaterally cut back some of it's nuclear forces as well as limiting missile defense to entice the Russians to come back to the table. The Russians .... I predict .... will show up but offer nothing.

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