Monday, February 4, 2013

Afghanistan War News Updates -- February 4, 2013

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and Gen. Martin E. Dempsey said they had not decided how many troops would stay. William B. Plowman/NBC

Pentagon Expects U.S. to Retain Presence in Afghanistan -- New York Times

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon’s top civilian and military officials on Sunday expressed an expectation, even a desire, that American troops would remain in Afghanistan after the NATO mission ends in December 2014, although they emphasized that no decision had been made.

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the United States would sustain a strategic partnership with Afghanistan, and they cited a decision by the NATO heads of state during a summit meeting last year in President Obama’s hometown, Chicago, that long-term support for Kabul would include military assistance.

“In Chicago, we also said that we’re committing to an enduring presence,” Mr. Panetta said. “And I believe that the president of the United States is going to do everything possible to implement the Chicago agreements.”

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More News On Afghanistan

ISAF Joint Command operational update, Feb 4 -- ISAF
Kabul police arrest 6 suspected suicide bombers
-- AP
Six suspected suicide bombers arrested in capital Kabul
-- Khaama Press
Roadside Bombs Kill Seven In Afghanistan's Helmand Province -- Radio Free Europe

Dempsey: No one talking about 'zero' US troops in Afghanistan post-2014 -- The Hill
US troop presence in Afghanistan would be modest: Pentagon -- Economic Times
Pentagon keen on US troops presence in Afghanistan after 2014 -- Khaama Press
Dempsey: Some troops to stay in Afghanistan -- Politico
Dempsey: 'Afghanistan is not a 'peaceful little paradise' -- Politico

U.S. attempts to restart peace talks with Taliban -- Washington Post
Taliban Peace Talks Flounder as Troops Draw Down -- ABC News/AP

Britain Hosting Talks with Afghan, Pakistani Leaders -- Voice of America
UK, Afghan, Pakistan leaders hold talks in Britain
British, Afghan, Pakistani leaders set out 6-month goal for peace, urge Taliban to dialogue -- Washington Post/AP
Karzai, Zardari Pledge to Reach Peace Settlement -- Voice of America

Afghanistan and Pakistan commit to peace deal in six months
-- The Telegraph
Afghanistan and Pakistan aim for 'peace in six months' -- Time
David Cameron invites Taliban to talks over Afghanistan's future -- The Guardian
Taliban must join peace talks, Cameron vows amid Afghan claims that Helmand was safer before British troops arrived -- Daily Mail
Afghanistan's Karzai, in UK, says Helmand security was better before British troops arrived
-- FOX News/AP
Afghanistan security better before British troops arrival: Karzai -- Khaama Press
Hamid Karzai defends Prince Harry over Afghanistan remarks -- The Week
Hamid Karzai interview: full transcript
-- The Guardian

Afghanistan continues Iran oil purchase despite U.S. pressure -- Tehran Times
Most of 800,000 People with Disabilities in Afghanistan are Uneducated and Unemployed
- -Khaama Press
US military steps up mental health care for troops in Afghanistan -- The Guardian
Afghanistan: Baby Please Don't Go -- Strategy Page
Afghanistan mission a total failure
-- Hugh White, Sydney Morning Herald

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