Saturday, February 23, 2013

Are There Spies At NASA’s Ames Research Center?

FBI Probe Of Defense Tech Allegedly Leaked From NASA Stonewalled, Sources Say -- FOX News

A four-year FBI investigation into the transfer of classified weapons technology to China and other countries from NASA’s Ames Research Center is being stonewalled by government officials, sources tell

Documents obtained by, which summarize these and other allegations and were given to congressional sources last week by a whistle-blower, described how a “secret grand jury” was to be convened in February 2011 to hear testimony from informants in the case, including a senior NASA engineer. But federal prosecutor Gary Fry was removed from the case, which was then transferred from one office in the Northern District of California to another where, according to the documents, “this case now appears to be stalled.”

“The information is staggering,” the whistle-blower told

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My Comment:
This case has been ongoing for years .... something does not smell right.

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