Thursday, February 7, 2013

Iran Airs On State TV Video Footage From Downed US RQ-170 Drone

Iran PROVES It Downed A U.S Spy Drone By Posting Footage On YouTube -- Daily Mail

* The black and white aerial footage, Iran claims was from a RQ-170 spy plane
* Aired by Iranian news agencies and placed on YouTube
* Black and white footage shows an aerial view of an airport and a city
Obama asked for the drone back after it went missing 2011

Iran has rejected Obama's offer to discuss their nuclear programme saying the U.S. was proposing talks while 'pointing a gun at Iran.'

The refusal came as state television broadcast footage allegedly extracted from a CIA drone captured in 2011.

The black and white video shows an aerial view of an airport and a city, said to be Kandahar in Afghanistan.

The release comes at a sensitive time as the U.S. increased sanctions on Iran on yesterday, aiming to tighten a squeeze on Tehran's ability to spend oil cash.

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