Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 5, 2013

Cybersecurity: How Preemptive Cyberwar Is Entering The Nation's Arsenal -- Christian Science Monitor

In addition to authorizing the use of cyberweapons, the White House is preparing an executive order to beef up cybersecurity for critical infrastructure, such as the electric grid, refineries, and telecommunications.

A formal, three-year legal and policy review of US cyberweapons that concluded last fall has effectively cleared their use alongside other weapons systems in the US arsenal, a stamp of approval that propels the fledgling US Cyber Command toward a fully operational role within the nation's military structure, cyberwar experts say.

Cyberweapons have been available to the US military since at least the first Gulf War against Iraq, but when, how, and under what conditions they could or should be deployed has been subject to vigorous debate among military and civilian policymakers.

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North Korea Military Body Said to Discuss Nuke Test
-- Global Security Newswire

Official: China Frigate Locked Radar on Japanese Navy -- Defense News

US, South Korea finishing exercise, watching for North Korean nuke test -- Stars and Stripes

Russia's New Stealth Corvette to Start Trials in March -- RIA Novosti

No Fuel in Russia For French-Built Warship - Deputy PM -- RIA Novosti

Russian Defense Chief Promises Soldiers Showers by Year End -- RIA Novosti

Israel’s chief of staff on U.S. visit -- Defense News

Hollande visit: $10 bn Rafale deal details being worked out -- News Track India

India's armed forces building deadly drone arsenal, also want combat UAVs
-- Times of India

Were Russian Experts Involved In Qaher F-313’s Development? -- Defense World

British carrier jets chaos: MoD attacked over 'flawed' decision to switch to new Royal Navy fighter aircraft -- The Independent

Former FBI official questioned on role in abuse of intelligence-gathering tools -- Washington Post

DOD Leaders: Budget Deadlock Could Spark Readiness Crisis -- US Department of Defense

Military spending cuts could cancel some Blue Angels' air shows
-- PNJ.com

U.S. Navy Cuts Fleet Goal to 306 Ships -- USA Today

Navy plan for sequestration would halve Mideast flights, furlough workers -- Washington Examiner

Navy Plans to Build Fewer Ships, Right as It’s About to Get Busier -- Danger Room

Save Our TARS Blimps, Congress Members Beg Air Force, DHS -- Aol Defense

Military seeks self-destructing electronics -- FOX News

Navy’s Next-Gen Binoculars Will Recognize Your Face
-- Danger Room

Officials reject Navy assessment of USS Guardian damage to reef -- Stars and Stripes

After his rough Senate hearing, Chuck Hagel gets a boost from backers -- Christian Science Monitor

Intel Firm Paid CIA Nominee Well As He Left for White House
-- Defense News

Air Force splits with Army, renews NASCAR race sponsorship -- The Hill

There's A Big Unknown About Putting The Female Body In Combat -- Business Insider

Revealed: Marine who 'killed' famous sniper threatened to 'blow his brains out and kill his family months before shooting two men at gun range’ -- Daily Mail

Veteran in sniper killing talked of having PTSD -- Army Times/AP

When Can the U.S. Kill Americans? The White House Won't Say. -- National Journal

Interview: Panetta recounts tenure as SecDef
-- Army Times/USA Today

U.S. Military - Major Iran Sanctions Buster? -- OilPrice.com

Former Navy SEAL recruiting female military veterans to work as nannies -- New York Post

GAO: DOD needs policy to ensure confidentiality for sex assault victims -- Stars and Stripes

Games Likely to Follow Pentagon on Women in Combat -- Military.com/AP

Syria: the former English teacher turned Aleppo's female sniper -- The Telegraph

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