Saturday, February 9, 2013

South Korea Is Now Talking About A Pre-Emptive Strike On North Korea's Nukes

South Korea Talks Of A Pre-Emptive Strike On North Korea's Nukes -- Business Insider

The tension is rising in Asia, with worrying signs that conflict could break out at any point.

In the Koreas, fallout over a prospective North Korean nuclear test has South Korean troops on the border receiving orders to return fire immediately against DPRK forces.

In South Korean press, there's worrying, though non-conclusive, talk of a "pre-emptive" strike.

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Update: South Korea in 'first strike' alert over tests -- John Garnaut, Sydney Morning Herald

My Comment
: Harsh rhetoric from South Korea .... and they are now backing it with changes in their border rules of engagement. I am also of the opinion that this "rhetoric" is actually being directed at China as a message that they must get their ally into line .... to use their influence to persuade North Korea from not conducting a nuclear test. And while I do know that the Chinese are watching and listening everything, I am not sure if they have that type of influence over the 'hermit kingdom'.

As to what is my take on what is going to happen next .... I honestly do not know. The men who ruled North Korea with Kim Jung-Un's father were predictable .... but since the death of Kim Jong-il these men have been kicked out of power. North Korea's new ruler is putting his own unique stamp on the country .... and it is making everyone nervous.

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