Friday, February 8, 2013

The Bridge Of The HMS Queen Elizabeth Is Transported

Have You Left Something Behind? Bizarre Spectacle As Bridge Of £6bn Aircraft Carrier Sets Sail Without The Rest Of The Ship -- Daily Mail

* The bridge set sail for a 600-mile voyage to join the remained of the warship
* HMS Queen Elizabeth is the first of two new warships ordered
* They are the largest ships ever built for the navy

The bridge of a huge, new £6bn warship set sail for an extraordinary 600-mile voyage today, but something rather important was missing - the rest of the ship.

The large section of the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier was a strange sight to see as it left the BAE Systems’ shipyard in Portsmouth, Hampshire to join the remainder of the 65,000-tonne carrier on a dry dock in Rosyth, Fife in Scotland.

Onlookers compared the fully-painted, 680-tonne bridge of HMS Queen Elizabeth to ‘something out of Star Trek’ as it towered over surrounding boats.

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My Comment:
This is something that you definitely do not see everyday.

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