Friday, February 8, 2013

The Woman Sniper Of Syria

The Woman Sniper Of Syria: Rebel Fighter Nicknamed 'Guevara' Takes Revenge On Assad’s Troops After Her children Were Killed In Airstrike -- Daily Mail

* Former English teacher turned sniper is known as Guevara
* The 36-year-old is a sniper on the front line in Aleppo, Syria
* Her two children, 7 and 10 were killed in an airstrike last year
* Guevara has opposed the al-Assad regime since university days

With neatly plucked eyebrows, leather boots with heels and a gold bracelet, 'Guevara' as she has become known is the last person you'd expect to find looking down the sight of a sniper rifle in the middle of a bloody civil war.

But a former English teacher has found unlikely fame on the streets of Syria's largest city becoming known to many residents as 'the female sniper'.

Dressed in a jumper dress, hijab and green khaki trousers, Guevara, named after the Argentine revolutionary, sits hidden in a war damaged building waiting for a sight of the enemy - government troops.

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Update #1: Syria: the former English teacher turned Aleppo's female sniper -- The Telegraph
Update #2: Syria Civil War: Aleppo's Only Woman Sniper, Guevara, Kills Assad Troops to Avenge Deaths of Children -- International Business Times
Update #3: Bereft mother-turned-sniper, dubbed ‘Guevara,’ becomes fearsome force against government troops on the rooftops of Aleppo, Syria -- New York Daily News

My Comment: I doubt that she will survive this war. She just wants to kill everyone.

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