Sunday, February 24, 2013

U.S. And Britain Have Developed Plans To Seize Syria's Chemical Weapons

US And Britain Have Plan For Syria's Chemical Weapons If Regime Falls -- Sydney Morning Herald

LONDON: British and US military commanders have drawn up plans to seize or destroy Syria's chemical weapons if the country slides further into chaos.

They fear nerve agents and chemical weapons held by forces loyal to the President, Bashar al-Assad, may fall into terrorists' hands if the regime collapses.

Senior officers have also held talks on a range of ''rogue state'' contingency plans to prevent chemical, biological or nuclear weapons from being seized by terrorists, which they fear may also happen if the regimes of Pakistan or North Korea were to fall.

Iran, which one British source says is ''bent on developing nuclear weapons'', is also causing concern to Western governments.

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US and British plans to seize Syria's chemical weapons -- The Telegraph

My Comment: To secure Syria's chemical stockpiles will involve the positioning of soldiers, logistics, gaining the support of neighboring states, etc.. But for the moment I do not see any movement to do this .... all I see are reports that such a plan exists on paper. Here is a good explanation on why the U.S. will NOT secure Syria's chemical weapons.

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