Sunday, March 24, 2013

European Muslims Embrace Jihad In Syria

Europe's Latest Export: Jihadists -- Soeren Kern, Real Clear World

"I ended up running for my life, barefoot and handcuffed, while British jihadists -- young men with south London accents -- shot to kill. And not a Syrian in sight. This wasn't what I had expected." - John Cantlie, British photographer

More than 1,000 Muslims from across Europe are currently active as Islamic jihadists, or holy warriors, in Syria, which has replaced Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia as the main destination for militant Islamists seeking to obtain immediate combat experience with little or no official scrutiny.

As the number of European jihadists in Syria grows, European officials are beginning to express concerns about the threat these "enemies within" will pose when they return to Europe.

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My Comment: The above video is a documentary on a German Jihadist. This is going to be a long term problem for Europe. Most Jihadists when they get back home will probably not be a threat .... but some will.

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