Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Has The U.S. 'Taken The Gloves Off" Against China On Cyberwarrfare?

Chinese pedestrians walk in front of the building housing the secretive Unit 61398 of the People's Liberation Army, on the outskirts of Shanghai on Feb, 19, 2013. The unit is believed to be behind a series of hacking attacks, a U.S. computer-security company said, prompting a strong denial by China and accusations that it was in fact the victim of U.S. hacking

Hack Attack: China and the U.S. Trade Barbs on Cyberwarfare -- Hannah Beech, Time

The gloves are off. For years, the White House has danced around the sensitive topic of Chinese hacking into American computer systems that is believed to have compromised everything from electrical grids to the e-mail accounts of researchers focusing on China’s human-rights record. Public finger-pointing at Chinese hackers has been left largely to the American legislative branch or to private Western cybersecurity firms like Mandiant or McAfee, which have produced reports linking the Chinese military to online espionage. Even when U.S. President Barack Obama warned of the dangers of cyberwarfare in his State of the Union Address last month and then issued an executive order to protect America’s online borders, he declined to specifically name China as an offender.

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My Comment: I wish this was true. But as long as there is no 'serious repercussions' for China, I do not see any reason why they will stop.

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