Friday, March 15, 2013

Israel Director of Military Intelligence: Iran And Hezbollah 'Have Built 50,000-Strong Force In Syria

Photo: Israel's military intelligence chief, Major General Aviv Kochavi says that Iran intends to double the size of this Syrian "people's army."

Iran And Hezbollah 'Have Built 50,000-Strong Force To Help Syrian Regime' -- The Guardian

Israeli military intelligence chief says Iran hopes to prolong life of Assad regime and maintain influence after his fall.

Iran and Hezbollah have built a 50,000-strong parallel force in Syria to help prolong the life of the Assad regime and to maintain their influence after his fall, Israel's military intelligence chief has claimed.

Major General Aviv Kochavi said Iran intended to double the size of this Syrian "people's army", which he claimed was being trained by Hezbollah fighters and funded by Tehran, to bolster a depleted and demoralised Syrian army.

Kochavi, the director of military intelligence in the Israel defence forces (IDF), also said Assad's troops had readied chemical weapons but so far had not been given the order for them to be used.

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My Comment: 50,000 soldiers will be only able to hold a few bases and key regions .... and that is about it. As to the possibility of a post-Assad insurgency .... these fighters will not be able to blend into the local populations .... they will be treated as foreigners. The only outcome from such an involvement will be a prolongation of the civil war and tens of thousands of more casualties.

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