Thursday, March 21, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 21, 2013

New WH Plan Would Cut $100B From Defense -- Defense News

WASHINGTON — The White House is preparing to submit a fiscal 2014 federal budget that would partially offset across-the-board sequestration cuts by reducing the Pentagon budget by $100 billion, but not until later this decade, according to a senior defense official and budget documents.

Obama administration officials are pushing these Defense Department spending cuts, along with an additional $100 billion in nondefense discretionary spending — for a total of $200 billion in cuts — as part of a $4 trillion deficit reduction plan that has been offered to House Republican leadership.

The $100 billion in defense cuts would not begin until 2019, according to Frank Kendall, the Pentagon acquisition chief.

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North Korea Threatens U.S. Military Bases in the Pacific -- New York Times

China Vows Firm Defense as Japan-U.S. Plan Reported -- Defense News

Asia's F-35 buyers forced to wait as China seeks edge -- Reuters

Saab Says Gripen Export Chances Rise as F-35 Buyers Review Plans -- Bloomberg

Hacking highlights dangers to Seoul of North's cyber-warriors
-- Reuters

Taiwan Gives Up On Partial F-16C/D Release
-- Defense News

Taiwan sets up Internet shield to tackle China 'hacking'
-- Space Daily/AFP

Taiwan concerned about China's DF-16 missile deployment -- Focus Taiwan

Indonesia to Buy More Russian Jet Fighters, Patrol Ships -- Jakarta Globe

India Tests Submarine-Launched Supersonic Missile -- RIA Novosti

British Special Forces Request Larger Calibre Ammunition -- The Mellow Jihadi

UK combat operations in Afghanistan effectively cease
-- BBC

Poland Vows Own Shield as U.S. Reins in Europe Missile Defense -- Defense News

Russian Air Defense Force Starts Massive Drills -- RIA Novosti

New Russian Bear bomber flights -- Washington Times

Moscow to Discuss Changes in US Missile Defense Plans
-- RIA Novosti

US forces in Korea: From bad to worse -- Asian Correspondent

U.S.-Israeli gripes haven’t hurt military ties
-- Army Times/USA Today

Lockheed Martin moves closer to demonstrating Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) -- Military & Aerospace

F-22 Raptor Pilots Are Getting High-Tech Helmets -- Business Insider

USS Freedom becomes first LCS to reach 7th Fleet's Pacific turf -- Stars and Stripes

After Contentious Process, U.S. Senate Approves CR -- Defense News

U.S. Defense Spending Is Still Historically High
-- Battleland/Time

Senate orders reinstatement of tuition assistance programs -- Stars and Stripes

DHS tells Congress it still can’t measure border security -- Washington Times

McCain, Feinstein Split Over Shifting Strike UAV Program to Military -- Defense News

Corker calls for more congressional oversight of drone strikes -- The Cable/Foreign Policy

Experts: Drones will require new privacy laws -- Army Times/AP

Drones crash (a lot) but the military's safety lessons may help civilians -- NBC

Report: Lack of communication contributed to Eglin airmen’s death
-- NWF Daily News

Study: MRI could diagnose Gulf War Illness -- Marine Times

Morale: No Booze In The Barracks For You Drunken Bastards -- Strategy Page

General warns of increased drug traffic under budget cuts -
- Washington Times

Judge won’t let Fort Hood suspect plead guilty -- Army Times/AP

Sexual Violence Victims Say Military Justice System Is 'Broken' -- NPR

Think you know the facts about Iraq War? Think again. -- Hannah Allam, McClatchy Newspapers

What General Kelly feels about Iraq, 10 years later
-- Kevin Baron, the E-Ring/Foreign Policy

Why President Obama Refuses To Pardon Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard
-- Michael Kelley, Business Insider

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