Saturday, March 16, 2013

Who Is Helping The Syrian Government

Report: Syrian Regime Being Aided From 12 Countries -- Foreign Policy

Entities from at least a dozen countries are helping supply the Syrian regime and military with various levels of support, enabling the Syrian government's war machine to continue functioning, according to a new report by Human Rights First, a New York and Washington-based NGO.

"President Obama has made stopping mass atrocities a ‘core national security interest' of the United States, which manifestly applies to Syria. As neighboring countries struggle to absorb the nearly one million refugees and regional powers become more involved in the conflict, the possibility of wider violence and instability looms," the report reads. "Amid calls to arm the rebels, we urge the United States to approach the conflict from the other end: to choke off the flow of arms, resources, and money to Assad."

The report was released in conjunction with Friday's two-year anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian uprising, which has now cost as many as 80,000 innocent lives, destroyed the Syrian economy, and displaced millions of Syrians inside and outside the country.

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My Comment: I suspect that this group is now getting very nervous on what is the long term survivability of the Syrian regime.

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