Thursday, April 18, 2013

How The World Reported The Boston Marathon Bombings

How The Rest Of The World Is Watching The Wake Of Boston -- Atlantic Wire

In the Muslim world there were concerns about who might be blamed; in Britain thoughts turned to their own marathon set to take place Sunday. In its aftermath, the Boston Marathon bombings became a global news story, appearing on front pages in places ranging from Argentina to Turkey.

Max Fisher of the Washington Post reported Monday afternoon on the fear that spread throughout the Muslim world that a potential bomber might turn out to be someone who practiced the same faith. He pointed attention to Jenan Moussa, a reporter for Al Aan TV based in Dubai. Moussa tweeted: "The thought of every Muslim right now. RT @LibyaLiberty Please don't be a Muslim. #BostonMarathon." This morning Moussa retweeted words of condolence from a Muslim cleric saying, "We need more of these voices."

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My Comment: I found the international coverage to be very fair and accurate. Because of this blog I read and follow approximately two to three dozen international news sources, and about two to three dozen blogs .... and all of them understood that this was an act of terrorism done by terrorists.

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