Friday, May 10, 2013

China Questions Japanese Sovereignty On Okinawa

Japanese Claim On Okinawa Challenged In China -- RT

China’s leading newspaper has upped the ante in the country’s intensifying territorial dispute with Japan, claiming its high time both sides “re-examine” who has sovereignty over Okinawa – which hosts a massive US military contingent.

The People’s Daily, which serves as the mouthpiece for the ruling Communist party, ran the lengthy commentary questioning the historical status of Japan’s southernmost Ryukyu island chain, which includes Okinawa.

The researchers, hailing from a prominent state-run think tank, argue ownership of the Ryukyus should be considered in light of post-World War II declarations which require Japan to return Chinese territory.

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Unknown said...

I am half-Okinawan so this irks me, to say the least. The Chinese (govt.,academics,ect...) are playing a very dangerous game trying to press their claims on territories that are legally others.