Monday, May 27, 2013

Crisis? What Crisis?

The Camerons on vacation in Ibiza on Sunday. Pool photo by Reuters

Crisis? I’m Off To Ibiza -- The SUN

Britain on terror alert, cops raid suspects, but PM jets out for hols

DAVID Cameron flew to Ibiza for a holiday yesterday — leaving Britain engulfed by the biggest terror crisis since 7/7.

The PM and his family caught a mid-morning flight to the Spanish isle after he told friends he was taking a break for “a few days” over the Bank Holiday.

He was pictured today at a restaurant in the sunshine with wife Samantha.

MPs are appalled that he has jetted off amid spiralling tensions following the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, South East London, on Wednesday and the arrest of two suspected Islamic extremists.

There were more arrests yesterday as police raided houses across the capital.

Three men, aged 21, 24, and 28, were held on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder — with two having to be stunned by Tasers before they surrendered in Charlton.

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Update: Cameron Criticized For Spanish Beachside Break -- IHT/New York Times

My Comment
: The above photo is a pool photo .... which means that the PM office permitted it's publication. They did not even bothered to shoo-away the press .... and even though the optics are terrible .... it is obvious that they simply do not care. Sighhhh .... such is the state of British politics today .... and it is representative of ALL political parties.

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