Saturday, May 11, 2013

Is Guantanamo A Gulag?

In 2002, with memories of the Twin Towers atrocity still raw, many were prepared to accept, albeit with great reluctance, that the usual rules and ethics of conflict no longer applied

Gulag That Shames The West: Five Years After Obama Said He'd Shut It, Over 100 Prisoners - Including A British Resident - Are Still Chained In Guantanamo. DAVID JONES Went Inside And Was Horrified By What He Found -- David Jones, Daily Mail

Dawn is still two hours away and for those on the outside, beyond the reinforced concrete walls and coiled barbed wire, the good life in Guantanamo Bay has stilled temporarily.

McDonald’s has closed, the numerous bars, restaurants and Caribbean beaches that make this shameful prison colony such a coveted posting for fun-loving American servicemen and women have emptied, and the temperature has cooled sufficiently for even the indolent iguanas to slither about.

For the 166 men who languish inside the detainee camps here, however, out of sight and mind on a sealed-off section of this 45-square-mile naval base in south-eastern Cuba (leased to the U.S. for more than a century under an agreement the Castro regime is powerless to break), time is of no consequence.

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My Comment: My nationality is Russian .... so calling Guantanamo a 'Gulag' kind of caught my attention. Maybe the definition is different in English .... but for Russians, Gulag is another way of saying concentration camp .... and here is a hint to David Jones .... Guantanamo is NOT a concentration camp. To say so is to disparage the millions of Russians who suffered and died in such prisons. Now having said that I am not going to get into a debate on the moral arguments of Guantanamo .... I have done enough of that over the years .... my only wish right now is that they are given their military trial and be convicted and/or released depending on the outcome .... a process that unfortunately this White House has zero interest to proceed with .... preferring instead civilian trials. As for David Jones' above Daily Mail article .... the dripping remarks in the comments section deserve reading.

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D.Plowman said...

Seriously, what did this moronic moron at the Daily Mail expect to see? A holiday camp? It's a bloody prison! It isn't supposed to be nice..

I can't say I have any sympathy for any of the prisoners. Also, I agree with you that him calling it a 'Gulag' is an insult.