Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why Security Specialists Are Concerned About 3D Weapons

Reporter Simon Murphy carried the plastic gun on to a London to Paris service in the weekend rush-hour

How Mail On Sunday 'Printed' First Plastic Gun In UK Using A 3D Printer- And Then Took It On Board Eurostar Without Being Stopped In Security Scandal -- Daily Mail

* Weapon capable of firing a live round smuggled on to packed Eurostar
* Reporters passed unchallenged through airport-style security
* Pistol produced using £1,700 machine to 'print' its components

The Mail On Sunday today exposes the massive international security risk posed by a gun that can be easily made with new 3D printers.

We built the weapon, which is capable of firing a live round, from blueprints available on the internet – then smuggled it on to a packed Eurostar train.

Two reporters passed completely unchallenged through strict airport-style security to carry the gun on to a London to Paris service in the weekend rush-hour, alongside hundreds of unsuspecting travelers.

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My Comment: I did not see any bullets or a metal firing pin .... sometime that I am sure the metal detectors would have noticed.

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