Sunday, June 23, 2013

Can Women Meet the U.S. Navy SEALs' Physical Requirements?

Navy SEALs: Can Women Cut It? -- UT San Diego

Elite female athletes say 'definitely doable,' but is that enough?

Between 50 and 90 push-ups in two minutes. Same for sit-ups. Ten pull-ups, but more like 18 to stay competitive. Run a mile and a half in 10 minutes. Swim 500 yards — that’s five football fields — in 12 minutes, sidestroke.

Those are the physical requirements to merely knock on the front door at the Navy SEAL training compound in Coronado, where all SEALs are made.

“It’s definitely doable,” said 21-year-old UC San Diego swimmer Sandy Hon. “I would have to train, but this doesn’t sound too difficult.”

Last week when the Defense Department said combat jobs will open to women in the next few years — including maybe the elite Navy SEALs and Army Rangers — much of the public debate was about physical standards. Can women meet them?

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My Comment: I say .... if you can do it .... go for it.

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