Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- June 26, 2013

At Crossroads, Syrian Rebels Eagerly Await More US Support -- NBC

Syrian rebels say they are at a turning point in the two-year conflict against President Bashar Assad’s forces, and that for the first time they have an organized, unified command that will now also benefit from a shipment of weapons from the United States.

The Obama administration decided this month to provide military aid to the rebels, with the first shipment expected within the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, rebels already wear American-supplied uniforms, use American radios and eat U.S. military rations. The United States has also been providing $2.5 million cash every month, they said.

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Fight against terror to escape Osborne's £11bn spending axe: Britain's Security services win 3% boost in funding -- Daily Mail

Asian military budgets to eclipse US by decade's end -- The Telegraph

Japan vigilant about China's military buildup: white paper -- Global Post/Kyodo News

China's naval aspirations: A 'blue-water' force -- Stars and Stripes

China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Is Getting the Hollywood Treatment -- Killer Apps/Foreign Policy

Chinese, Russian special forces in joint training -- People's Daily Online

Russian Arms Exports Up 15% Since January -- RIA Novosti

Russia to Supply Arms to Kyrgyzstan in 2014 -- RIA Novosti

Canada's National Defence bureaucracy grew by 30% under Harper, more than double rate of rest of civil service -- National Post

Unbelievable Photos Of The French Army's Monstrous New Warplane -- Business Insider

Canadian diplomats, defence officials posted abroad told to call scathing F-35 report a ‘bureaucratic’ issue, emails show -- National Post

F-35 Still Faces ‘Considerable’ Risks: Auditors -- Defense Tech

Air Force offers fighter pilots $225,000 to stay in -- Air Force Times

Army Cuts 10 Combat Brigades — Or 11, Or 13 — And That’s Just The Beginning -- Breaking Defense

Beechcraft’s Bid Was Higher Risk: Air Force -- DoD Buzz

U.S. Navy Is Cautious On Carrier-Launched UAV -- Aviation Week

NSA fact sheet on surveillance program pulled from Web after senators’ criticism -- Washington Post

New leader for Navy SEALs -- UT San Diego

CIA rolls out ‘new and improved website’ -- Raw Story

Senators join fight against adult magazines in exchanges -- Army Times

Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s widow: PTSD doesn’t justify murder -- Washington Times

Courtroom closures likely at Army leaker's trial -- Military Times

WikiLeaks soldier's court-martial wrestles online evidence rules -- Reuters

Army general accused of sex assault wants Panetta email -- Army Times

Fort Bliss chaplain sentenced for assaulting woman -- Stars and Stripes

A One-Time SEAL on Those Female SEAL-Wannabes -- Dick Couch, Battleland/Time

Penny-Wise Pound-Foolish Defense Cuts -- Mackenzie Eaglen, News and World Report

What’s at Stake in the 21st Century Cold War -- David Francis, Fiscal Times

Why this strategy won’t fly in Syria -- Lewis MacKenzie, The Globe and Mail

Ex-CIA Chief Robert Gates on Snowden, Syria, and the Biggest Threat to America -- Popular Mechancis

At least 2,109 US military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001 -- FOX News/AP

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